Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest Projects

So if you are not familiar with Pinterest, then you need to stop reading this blog right now and go request an invite! It has seriously changed my life (a little dramatic I know). But seriously, I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from Pinterest. I wanted to share with you today some projects that I made after seeing them on Pinterest. Most of them only took me a few minutes and have honestly become some of my favorite decorations in our apartment. 

The first project I did was the Kate Spade inspired confetti canvas that I first saw on Her version was in gold but I decided to do silver instead, even though I might make a gold one now too to go next to it! All you need is a canvas, mine is 16x24 (free from JS), some glitter, shiny and matte paper from your local craft store (I got mine from Michael's) and a circle cutter which was around $10.00 (with a 50% off coupon) also from Michael's. To attach the circles I purchased Elmers spray adhesive which was $4.99 at Michael's. All you do is decide how large you want your circles to be (I went with 2") and then cut them out and place the circles randomly on the canvas. The result is a random assortment of shiny/sparkly circles :)

Materials needed:
-medium sized canvas
-6-8 sheets of glitter, shiny and matte paper
-circle cutter
-spray adhesive

The next project I decided to work on was a necklace hanger made from a piece of wood and five knobs which I got from Anthropologie at a shocking price of only $1.44 each (gotta love employee appreciation week!). Now I can't take all the credit for this one, since my dad did most of the drilling, sanding and cutting :) I did pick out the knobs and spray paint the wood though, and I told him which order I wanted the knobs to go in! Okay so he did most of the work, but either way, this was just what I needed for all my long necklaces and I absolutely love it!

Materials needed:
-scrap wood 
-spray paint
-a man with lots of power tools :) 

This next project was something I had in college, but on the day of graduation when we were moving out of my house, as I was taking it off the wall, it broke in half :( I was so upset because it had been the best jewelry hanger ever, and it was a gift from my Aunt Kristine before I left for college. Well I was finally able to fix the frame and hang it up again. All you need is an old frame, some spray paint, a radiator grill to fit inside your frame, and some s-hooks (you can find them at Home Depot) if you are using it to hang necklaces off of it. I just decided to hang earrings off of it since I have my new necklace hanger, but the choice is yours!

Materials needed:
-wooden frame
-radiator grill
-s-hooks (optional)

Next we move on to something that is still a 'work in progress'. Ever since I was little I would always save bags from shopping trips, but when I moved out of my house in September I threw most of them away, without even thinking! When I moved to Nashville I saw on pinterest how someone started framing their bags and putting them up on the wall. Now I didn't want to frame the bags just yet since we rent this apartment and I have already put WAY too many holes in the wall. I came up with an idea of how to display my shopping bags without damaging anything. Ever heard of command hooks? :) They are a renters best friend! I want this wall to be covered floor to ceiling but being on a newlywed's budget it may take a while!

Materials needed:
-a wall 
-shopping bags from your favorite stores
-command hooks

For the last project, I need to give credit to my good friend Sara Ziegenfuss after she did something similar with random wedding cards and decorations that she wanted to display. When I saw this idea on her facebook I fell in love with it! What better way to put your favorite wedding cards and other small items on display than to frame them? I would like to make some type of background where I can hang the cards off of, but for now this is what I have and I do love it! This is hanging on the wall directly across from our bed, so every morning I wake up and am reminded of our amazing wedding day :)

Materials needed:
-large wooden frame
-cards, photos or any other memorable items

Well those are all of the Pinterest projects that I have for now, but I'm sure I'll be making lots more in the future! Have you made any fun projects from Pinterest? If so, let me know, I'm always looking for a great DIY! Thanks for reading!


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