Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh, for the love of coral...

So lately I have been obsessed with any and everything that is coral. I am also loving the combination of coral and turquoise is so stunning. My love for coral (and turquoise) all began at work one day when I saw this stunning vase (#7) and realized how much I loved these two colors together. My goal is to start buying/wearing more coral for the spring - it's such a happy color!
Sorry there are so many items, there were just so many "coralastic" (like the new word?) things out there! I told you I am obsessed :) You can also see more of my favorite fashion finds by following me on Pinterest here!
how beautiful are these patent leather high heels?

this color by Essie is amazing, and totally a must buy!

in love with this lace dress, it's so feminine.

this outfit just screams summer, and i am loving the hints of turquoise.

how cute is this bow skirt? 

love boyfriend blazers, and would love one in this color.

my inspiration piece - vase from Anthro.

really like the idea of pairing two different shades of coral together, plus i'm loving the clutch.

pretty much the most beautiful necklace EVER.

how precious is this nursery? hopefully when that time comes I'll still love these colors together!

this leather bag is beautiful, wouldn't mind having this on my arm!

loving the color of these walls, they just make everything else pop.   

Aside from the color coral, I am also SO happy because today is Saturday which means date night with the hubby! We are going to The City House here in Nashville, which I've been looking forward to all week! Our good friends gave us a gift card to there as a wedding gift and we are JUST now getting a chance to go! I can't wait to eat lots of yummy food and spend some quality time with my love! 

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you have a wonderful day!


Amanda said...

I LOVE coral as well! It is such a beautiful spring and summer color, especially when mixed with turquoise!

Your newest follower,


Denise said...

I need those heels. Like, now!

Valerie Griffin said...


Lauren said...

Coral and turquoise are my two favorite Spring/Summer colors! I love everything you posted!


meghan said...

Oh girl, I'm a total coral-lover too!! It is so beautiful with teal! :)

Happy Saturday!

Keep Shining,

Kristin said...

Coral and Turquious are my favorite as well! Have a great date night!

Ash Koch said...

Funny. I did a similar post about a year ago that was inspired by the same vase! I'm still a little upset at myself for not buying it while I was still working there!

Pamela said...

Love coral!! Can't wait for Spring! :)

Emma said...

I'm in love with coral and mint!!!

Emily @ Dashboard Diary said...

just came across your blog and i'm loving it! so darn cute!