Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 3/22

So today I'm linking up with Sar from Life of Love for Thursday Thoughts 
I have an amazing husband. He is such a hard worker and alway goes above and beyond to see that my needs are met. He is truly amazing and I am one lucky girl to call him my own.
{love this one of Jor and Cal when he was just a baby!}

I wish my besties were still here. After having my friend Rachael visit for the week, and Megan for the weekend, it was such a tease! We are totally going to be planning another girls weekend soon though, so that should hold me over till next time. 
{getting ready for St. Patty's Day - My good friend Amy on the left and Meg on the right}

This weather is INSANE. I cannot believe that it is 80 here today. I am totally loving it, but can someone tell me what happened to spring?!

I have been loving all the new recipes I've been trying lately. I made honey dijon chicken drumsticks last night, and on the menu tonight is Nacho Spuds via my amazing sister Jessica. Yay for yummy new foods!

Wishing that my phone didn't crap out on me yesterday, but thankful that Jordan had an old phone I can use to hold me over. Luckily my contract is up April 2nd which means iPhone here I come! 
{yes, I was still using the enV touch...but we had a good run together}

Happy Thursday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Could you please post the recipe for the nacho spuds? They look really yummy :) thank you

Tyah Ferguson said...

love when our husbands keep our hearts warm with admiration! also loving the warm weather here in the southwest! happy thursday!

Laura said...

Yes, I'd love the spud nacho recipe!!