Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Before & Afters

It's crazy how eyebrows can really change the way a person's face looks. All I have to say is one word: threading. It really is the best discovery ever, and I will never go back. I was overdue for a threading session by almost three months, scary I know. I knew that one of the first things I needed to get done when I was home, was my eyebrows. So I did.

Truly the best $7 I've spent in a long time, just take a look for yourselves :)

Needless to say my time at home was perfect. I did a lot of nothing as well as lots of something, if that makes any sense. I got to hang out with my wonderful sister, including a sleep over (yay!) spend some quality time with my mom (always great) and then see my besties (perfect). There were trips to our favorite local breakfast spot (twice) and trips to thrift stores and fabric stores. Speaking of fabric stores leads me to my next before & after. Ever since we moved here I wanted to re-cover our dinning room chairs but since the furniture does not belong to us, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I realized that I would just go over the current fabric in case the owner wanted the red to remain (no idea why he'd want it...) but that's besides the point.

My mom and I went to this fabric store in CT where all the fabric is $2.99 so I got some for our chairs, see below, as well as to cover our tv table which I'll post soon.

So here they are...the hideous red chairs that once stared me down every day, and now the beautiful 'paint-chip' inspired fabric covered chairs that just long to be sat in.

If you can't tell, I'm a MUCH happier now!

Well that's all for tonight...thanks for reading! Oh and just in case you forgot, JORDAN COMES HOME TOMORROW! I am so incredibly excited, you have no idea!

Till next time!

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

oh my word! the chairs look awesome! that fabric is fabulous.