Thursday, December 1, 2011

Out of the Box

As much as I love Christmas and the fact that this year I get to spend it with my HUSBAND, one thing was a little unusual this year for us both. Growing up the both of us always had real Christmas trees in our homes, which is something I always loved. However, this year we could not find a live Christmas tree within our budget plus we knew we needed lights and a stand still - not to mention decorations :) 

That being said, we reluctantly decided on getting a fake tree this year only because it was SUCH a good deal. We got a 6" tree, that came with lights and a stand all for $30. We knew we wouldn't find anything cheaper. Honestly, it's not as bad as we both thought. Just the other day I heard Jordan say, "yeah, it's actually a lot nicer than I thought it was going to be" :) 

Here are some pics we took to document our "out of the box" experience, as well as a pic of our decorated tree. I decided to do a silver and bird theme this year. The white birds came from my bridal shower, the silver ornaments were 30 for $4.97 at Walmart, the silver ribbon (3 rolls) came from Michael's for $1 each roll and the "K" silver topper is from our wedding cake :) I was pretty proud of myself for getting all the decorations for under $10!

Jordan and I decided that we're going to start a tradition of buying each other ornaments each Christmas as a way to remember each year. I got his today at Anthro and I can't wait for him to see it and I am even more excited to put it up next year! I'll post pics of the special ornament after Christmas. I know you're all wondering what I could have gotten my husband at Anthro that is so great?! :) 

Well enjoy the pics and Merry Christmas! I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful decorations and music that comes with this wonderful time of the year! 

- JK

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

loving jordo's face in all these pictures! your tree is so pretty sissy! good job.