Friday, November 4, 2011

Shop till you drop.

So yesterday I had the day off and I decided to go shopping! I figured when Jordan's away, it's the perfect time for some retail therapy :) I went to two thrift stores in Nashville; one was called Thift Smart and the other was called Music City Thrift. And then I went to Target, TJ Maxx, Michaels and Walmart. It was so great. So here are the items that I got with the price that I paid for them! 

Hope you enjoy! 

I got this gold paper mache reindeer for $1.99 and I love him. He had a crazy ribbon bow around his neck but I took it off - less is more...

The "Merry Christmas" sign was $1.99, the large ornament was .99 and the wreath was .99. Normally I would not have been drawn to the wreath because it's too country for my style but I have some ideas on how to make it more modern and for .99 I couldn't say no! I also might spray paint the ornament another color but I'm not sure yet. The sign I loved because I love everything typography and it's hard to find things that say "Merry Christmas" these days and not just "Ho, Ho, Ho". 

Once again, you look at these pine cones and think about how country they are, but I keep seeing on Pinterest how people take them and spray paint them white or silver, so that is my plan! They were $1.99 for all of them, so not a bad deal at all, and they are really big, this picture doesn't do them justice. 

So Jordan and I saw these when we were registering at Target for our wedding but they were too expensive for what they were since they are so small. I went into Target yesterday and sure enough there they were, on sale for $3.74. This was the last white set, so I snatched them up! You can never have too many shelves and since our apartment is so small, we don't need anything huge. These will do just fine!

So there is a funny story about this vase filler. When my mom and dad came to visit last weekend my mom and I were in a store and she found these little baby pumpkins that were used as vase fillers. She was so excited when she found them and told me how Jess had some at her house and how she loved them. So when I came across these at Target I knew that I had to buy them since clearly it's a family thing :) 

I decided to sort them out to see exactly what was inside, that's why there's two pictures...

After Target I headed to TJ Maxx to see what goods they had there!  

We really needed another towel rack to put behind the door as well as a hand towel ring so I found this box of goodness for only $20 (which sounds like a lot) but it came with so many different things and was just what we needed. 

We also really needed a throw for our bed (or should I say I wanted a new one?) but regardless I loved this faux fur one. We had seen a couple awesome fur rugs in West Elm and other stores that we both loved but obviously could not afford. I guess the throw will do for now and for only $20 - yes please! 

This next item I was so excited about! So the store I work at is closing and we recently bought one of the leather ottomans they had in the dressing room for $35 (you'll see that when I put up pics of the apartment). We both love the ottoman but since it's soft it's hard to put drinks or anything on top of it. I knew I needed to find a tray of some sorts and I've been on the hunt ever since. And then last night as I was digging through the clearance section at TJ Maxx, I found this guy for only $10! I am so in love...

I got these pumpkin and gourd vase fillers from Michael's - they were $1.50 a bag and I got two. I loved the bright colors and the cute shapes!

I also got some white spray paint because I have clearly have lots of fun projects ahead of me! I had a 40% off coupon (never go to Michael's without one) so it came to $3.50. I really like the KRYLON  brand because it dries super fast and goes on really well. I typically get the satin finish but that is just personal preference :) 

I also went to Walmart to get some Hard Candy make-up that I've heard so many good things about. I'm totally into watching make-up tutorials and reading reviews on make up. This is like a high end "drugstore" brand if that makes sense. There are some make-up items I will spend money on, like my MAC and Benefit products but for some items I don't see a difference and don't want to spend twice the amount.

I got a primer for $8, wet/dry blush in the "Living Doll" shade for $6 and then I got Maybelline's new gel liner which I love for $8. I wasn't sure how I was going to like any of them, but I put them on today and really liked all three. And when I was out today some guy told me that I was "very pretty" so I guess  I don't look awful...but anyways, here is a pic of what I got, just in case you wanted to see! 

These items were not purchased yesterday but I thought I'd go ahead and put them up anyways. I went to a church fundraiser last week and I got these items along with two leather sling bags (1 black and 1 tan) that aren't pictured for $2.50 each. 

This green jewelry holder is going to be spray painted (this is where the white spray paint comes in) and I needed something to hang my bracelets off of, because I'm still hoping to do the knob jewelry hanger that I saw on Pinterest too. But for now, this will do and I love the leaf details on top (so Anthro-esque!)

I thought these leaves were too cute to pass up for .50, so I got them too! I love how realistic they are, and they stack into each other, which is always convenient. 

And then I got these 5 candlesticks for $2.00. I love the varying heights and I'm going to spray paint them - white, you guessed it! 

Well that pretty much sums up my shopping trip! I hope that you enjoyed the pics. I'll be sure to put up before/after pics too of my mini make-overs, as well as pictures of the apartment, which I promise are coming soon! 

Till next time!


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

love it! that's really funny...the little pumpkin looking things in your vase filler are almost exactly what mine look like.

i looooove the target shelves for $3.74! that's such an awesome deal!

Tuttibella said...

I believe the term is, "Made out like a bandit." :)

I LOVE the throw!!! You made me laugh when you wrote, "I guess I don't look took awful!" I'm gonna have to head over to Wal Mart to try the Hard Candy, I have never heard of it!