Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Let's hope that is true for my case, since Jordan is literally across the country as we speak. For those of you who didn't know, Jordan was offered a position doing merch (that's merchandies for non-music people) for The Newsboys. He was offered the job last week and just left this past Monday. It was such a whirlwind of a week, and I was filled with so many emotions, I can't even begin to describe.

I was so thrilled that he was asked to do a job that he has wanted to do for years now. He told me when we first started dating how it had always been a dream of his to go on tour with a band, and now he is. When he first told me about the offer, I didn't know what to think. All I could think about was how alone I would be the next three weeks. I guess you could call that selfish, and looking back I regret not being as excited about the opportunity as he was. He was like a little kid on Christmas morning and it was so sweet. I know as his wife, I need to support him in every decision he makes and simply put, I just didn't feel like it then. He was so great through all of it, telling me again and again that if I didn't want him to do it then he wouldn't. I kept thinking about how great it would be if he didn't leave, but knew in my heart that it would crush him, and what kind of wife and best friend would I be to do that to him?

That being said, at 9:30pm on Halloween night, I dropped him off at bus call. It was there that it really began to hit me that he was leaving, and that we would be apart for the next 21 days. He did everything and anything to cheer me up and to make me laugh, which I love so much about him. He gave me a tour of his bus, aka his home, for the next three weeks which was really cool to see. I helped him pick out his bunk, until he was told by one of the guys that since he's a newbie he gets the floor bunk (aw poor baby!) I think he was just too excited that it upset me more than him :) So yeah that is what's going on lately in our lives. I'm learning how to stay busy and keep myself occupied each day so that I don't find myself thinking about being alone and missing him. I know that God gave him this great opportunity for a reason, and that His plan the perfect plan.

I am so happy for him though, and I know that this is only going to make us stronger.

Let's see...2 days down, 19 to go! :)


Samantha Strong said...

I know exactly how you feel Jill. I deal with the same thing multiple times throughout the year with my boyfriend who is in the Navy. It gets easier as time goes on I promise :) Just be sure to keep yourself busy and excited for when he comes back home.

Mary said...

It's tough when they are away. No getting around that. Key is to fill your time somehow! Try new recipes, read, new hobby?... I feel for you though bcs I know what's it like to move to a new area and be away from good friends and family. You are an excellent wife! Our guys thrive when we support their dreams! You'll see. You'll be doubly rewarded for this sacrifice. :o)