Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More than a move.

I cannot lie, I have been blessed incredibly throughout my 22 years of life and I have especially been blessed by having a wonderful husband. Our move to Tennessee was not an easy one, to say the least. Having to say goodbye to a lot of our friends and family back home. We know that we are young though, and that this is just the a small chapter in our 'book'. 

So as some of you may know, the reason why we moved to Nashville in the first place was so Jordan could pursue his music career with one job in particular. That one job that he moved here for, is not happening any time soon. He found out a few days ago and as much as his boss Nick wants to hire him, they are simply waiting on more artists to join the tour, which will produce more money, which in turn would allow Nick to hire Jordan full time. I never fully understood the term 'waiting game' until now. Since we are both faced with part time jobs in a new city, we were unsure as to what we were going to do. After being home for the holidays, we both thought a lot about whether or not staying here in TN was such a good idea. We tossed around ideas of what jobs we could possibly get back home, and Jordan's parents even offered to let us stay with them in order to save money. 

Now I can't lie when I say this next statement...I was really excited about the thought of moving back. It wasn't because I wasn't happy here, because I really am, but it was simply because home is where my heart is. Don't get me wrong, we have great friends here who have been so incredible in making us feel loved and welcome. Now all that being said, we have decided to wait it out and stay in Nashville. Some of you might be thinking why stay there if you want to move back? Well the thing is that I LOVE Jordan and I know that his dream of working in the music industry is something he wants so badly. I know it would kill him if he just gave up now on something he has wanted for so long. We have decided that we need to at least give it one full year and then we will assess our situation and see what we feel is best for us as a couple. We both keep saying that when that time comes and we are not loving life here in TN, then we will move back. It's as simple as that, but we do know that four months is just not enough time to really figure that out. 

Well I just wanted to share with you all what has been on my heart. It has been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. I would find myself thinking of all the great things that moving back had to offer, which I know was not the smartest idea. It was a rough couple of days when we both realized that staying here was the best decision for us now, but Jordan was so wonderful and so supportive. Just knowing that he is always going to be here for me, and that we are on this journey together no matter what. It's crazy to think what will happen in the next 8 months or so. We could stay here, or we could be packing up our lives to move back to the East Coast. We know that whatever the choice may be, it is what God has in store for us, and that is all I need. 

I will say that I am SO excited to have some of my favorite people come visit me in the next few months!  I'll give you the break down of each month: Jordan's parents are most likely coming the end of this month, which we are both so excited about! February there isn't really anyone coming, but it is Valentine's Day and our 6 month anniversary! In March my two best friends Megan and Rachael are coming to visit! GIRLS WEEK! :) In April my parents and sister are coming to stay for a few days - my mom has always wanted to go to the Cornbread Festival here in TN so they are staying with us for a few days and then I'm going with them to the festival which is a few hours away. In May it will be our one year mark for having graduated! June is the start of wedding season with my brother and soon to be sister and then my good friend Hannah! July is my birthday and then August will put us around the one year mark where we will be making some more decisions! Thank the Lord for friends and family to keep me going when times are hard. 

Thanks for reading what was on my heart. I am so excited to be able to share with you all that Jordan and I learn along the way. I am truly so blessed in so many ways and know that life is not always easy, but when God closes one door he ALWAYS opens another.