Sunday, February 5, 2012

(Happy) Super Bowl Sunday

If you're anything like me, you just recently found out who was playing in todays big game. I guess you could say that football really isn't my thing. I do want The Patriots to win, simply because I'm a New England girl and want to represent Connecticut! 

Regardless of how I really don't care about the game, the hubs and I are going to a Super Bowl party tonight at our friends house and I am excited! The two things I am most excited about are 1. the delicious foods and 2. seeing my friends. Is it bad that watching the game isn't one of them?!

I am going to make this for yummy dip for dessert, which I am so excited to try out! I am going to serve it with chocolate graham crackers, vanilla wafers and pretzels.

[ chocolate chip cookie dough dip - via pinterest ] 

Even though I was only told to bring a dessert, appetizers are seriously one of my favorite type of foods in the whole world. I told Jor that I want to make something I love, so I can eat what I love all night long :) 

Thinking about making this since it is one of my all time favorites...

[ 7 layer dip via ]

I am getting hungry just talking about these two foods, and am so exited to devour into some goodness tonight! What are you big plans for the game? Or should I say, what foods are you excited to eat? :) 

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday! Let's go Patriots! 

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Amira said...

Oh that cookie dough dip looks UHmazing. Darn you!! I've been fighting my sweet tooth all night!