Monday, February 6, 2012

Target love

So I know that this is really random, but thank goodness today is Miscellany Monday and that's the whole purpose of it! I don't know how many of you know this already, but the oh so famous fashion designer Jason Wu is coming to Target! I was so excited when I saw this, because he is such an amazing designer and his designs are clean, modern and feminine. I have already been looking at what pieces Target is going to carry, and getting excited to buy some of them! Here's the thing though, apparently Target is already SOLD out online of his collection! Apparently the line was launched and literally within hours the collection was sold out! Target is unsure as to when the items will become available again. If you're like me then you're more likely to purchase something in the store rather than online, but this just makes me realize how hot these items are and how excited I am to get my hands on them!

Here are some of my favorites pieces...

[ love this sheer white blouse with the black bow ]
[how cute is this lbd with the nude patent leather belt ] 

[ love the shape of this pleated top, and that it's gold ] 

[ in love with this blush colored blouse with the layering detail on the front ] 

[ what girl wouldn't want a lace clutch in black ]

Have you checked out the sold out online collection yet? What are some of your favorites? This is just one more reason why I LOVE Target :) Have a great Monday everyone!



Valerie Griffin said...

love the black dress & blush blouse!

Denise said...

Girl... you are gorgeous! :)

Aubrey Kinch said...

I was beyond excited about Jason Wu bringing some spunk to Target. It's already a love of mine so now I have to practice even more self control!!


Meg Cady said...

I'm obsessed with that black dress! So cute!!
Love me some Target and some Jason Wu!


Miss Lindsay said...

I am regretting not going yesterday morning - pretty much everything was gone when I stopped in tonight. I wonder who the next designer will be?