Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet Calvin!

I am so glad that it's Friday but I am also so glad that I have been able to spend so much time with this little guy lately. Meet Calvin Reid :) He is my adorable year and a half year old nephew who I have been watching this past week. He is such a fun little guy and I mean, how cute is he?!
I typically do High Five For Friday, but since we've been in the process of moving, I thought I'd just do a post of this little man. He is totally going to be a ladies man one day...just look at this cheeks! 

We are going to look at more apartments this afternoon, we're hoping to find one soon! Currently Cal is sitting in my lap as I'm typing this, and he's waving at the picture of himself :) 
Happy Friday!


Pamela said...

He is such a cute, handsome little man!

Valerie Griffin said...

Oh my! Calvin is a CUTIE :)

Denise said...

I just want to squeeze him!! So cute. Good luck with the move!

Crissy B. said...

Such a cutie-pie!

Anna said...

He is too precious!
Glad to be your newest follower!

TaraR said...

How precious is he!? So sweet ;)