Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday, which means I get to talk about my favorite finds on Pinterest :) I’m linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! Since we just recently moved I have been looking at lots of home decor and ways to decorate our new place! I love all things modern but have learned that my style is very eclectic. I can’t wait to start decorating again!

{one} love this work area with the wood table and white chair 
{two} I am in love with this color green, definitely going to be buying it
{three} this is by far the prettiest trash can I have ever seen
{four} diy starburst mirror using paint stirrers, which are free! 
{five} I am in love with this black and white bow pillow 
{six} How clever to use wood pallets as shelves 
 {seven} I would totally be okay if this was my laundry room
 {eight} Love the modern feel of these industrial pipes as shelves 
{nine} I can’t wait to have a chalkboard wall in my kitchen one day!
{ten} Love the look of different style/color of each dinning room chair

Happy Wednesday everyone and Happy Leap Day!


Tiffany said...

I love your style

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

You have great taste! I love all your pins, especially those wood pallet shelves!! :)

Denise said...

Love that black and white pillow!!

Valerie Griffin said...

great pins, pretty lady! really love that pillow!

Anonymous said...

great pins... love the first image of the study! xo

pebbz |

Pamela said...

Love the wooden table & trash can!!

Amanda said...

I LOVE that starburst mirror. What is your Pinterest ID? I would love to follow you so I can get the details on how to make it!

Anna said...

I love the wooden pallates that serve as shelves!! Too cute!

Alyssa said...

Love these! They are so beautiful! I saw you're from CT, I'm from there too but now living in South Carolina! New follower! :)

Brittany said...

Such fabulous inspiration! Loving the black and white pillow. Newest follower :) cute blog!!

Crissy B. said...

Hey Jillian! Just wanted to let you know you've been awarded the Sunshine Award! . Happy Thursday, girl!