Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'll Take Some Free Paint

If you haven't seen the tv commercial or read about it online then you might not know that today Ace Hardware was giving away a free quart of paint in the color of your choice! They are giving the quarts away in order to promote their new line of paint called Clark + Kensington, but will allow you to chose a color even from their own collection, Ace Paint. Jordan and I went there this morning and each walked away with a FREE quart of paint! All you had to do was go to their website and print off the coupon. Once we decided on a color we liked, we just told the lady who was working there and she mixed it up right in front of us!

We are planning on painting one wall in our living room (since we do have to prime over it when we leave in 12 months). We decided on a medium shade of gray called Greek Column. If you go to the store to find it, it's on color swatch D44 and the actual color is labeled as D44-4. I am so excited to add just a little bit of color to our room. I am in love with this shade of gray because it is timeless and goes with everything!

Here is a picture of what the paint color looks like on an actual wall. This of course is not my room, even though I think it's a great bedroom...

The lady at Ace Hardware said they are planning on doing it again next weekend, and we are planning on going again to get two more quarts of a deep purple paint for our bedroom! You should all call your local Ace Hardware store and see if they are running the same deal next weekend. I mean who doesn't want free paint? I know I do! :) 

Happy Saturday!


Allyson said...

Oh I love grey! I am definitely planning on using it when I get a house!


With Glitter On Top said...

happy Saturday :) your blog is adorable! please come check mine out some time!!

Lauren said...

That's awesome! :) We just painted our guest bedroom almost the same exact color!


Denise said...

Now if only I had an Ace where I live! I could really use some paint :)