Tuesday, July 24, 2012

City Living (in OH)

Sometimes I feel like J and I are nomads. Having lived in three different states in the last year, I'd say we have finally settled down, for a little while that is. Many of you know how living in Nashville didn't work out for us, for more than one reason. I will say however that we do miss city living...a lot. We are two people who love everything about living in a city, including the crazy drivers :) Although we are no longer living in Nashville, there were so many wonderful things about living there. The cute little boutiques, the fact that there was always something to do on any given night, and what we miss the most, the amazing places to eat.

 (when we first moved to Nashville, exploring our new city) 

Here's the thing though, yes we don't live in a city anymore, and yes we are living in Ohio, but there is nothing like being surrounded by great friends, and our amazing church again. The hubby and I say all the time how we wish we could bring the surroundings and all that Nashville has to offer right here to Ohio. It would be PERFECT. Okay I lied...perfect would be living back in the East Coast again but that's a whole different story. 

That being said, I have been really learning what it means to give and take. Yeah we gave up living in a city, which we loved so much, but we have gained so much more than that. We have made some truly amazing friends while living here and are just now starting to feel slightly more 'at home'. The hubby and I have been discussing what the future has in store for us. Although only God truly knows that, we have been talking about one day living (and staying) in a city. Let's just say that Chicago, San Francisco and (my favorite) New York City have come up a few times. 

The idea of living at one of those makes me so excited. The idea of living in a city with my best friend is even more exciting. Either way, I know that God knows what is best for us, and that is something I am trying to hold on to. What about you guys, do you ever struggle with not really loving where you live, but loving who you live around? I feel like I am not alone, and would love to hear what you think!

Okay well wish me luck on this rainy day with the two kiddos :) I'm taking them to open gym today which always means extra long nap time! Yay! 

I also got several requests about posting a 'how-to' for my DIY starburst mirror I posted about yesterday. Thank you for your sweet comments, I will for sure put something together for you all, so you can make your own!

Happy Tuesday!


Vicky said...

I can totally relate to you. I live in FL but wouldn't think twice about moving up north. I was born in Ohio and moved to FL when I was 13, not by choice, mom remarried and wanted to move. Ever since then I wanted to move back north, not neccesarily Ohio but North Carolina. Of course life happens, I am still here. I love the people I am surrounded by just not the actual place! TOO HOT for me. I always try to convince the husband to move up north... but being that he is very close with his family who live here, I don't see it happening. So, for the time being, we agreed that we will take trips up north (especially during fall/winter) so I can get my seasonal fix. All about compromise ;)

Crystal Gonzalez said...

I am from Ohio, and just moved to Phoenix after my wedding! :) I love Ohio and miss it everyday!

Amanda said...

I definitely get at what you're saying.. I live in boring Indiana. I hate the winter and such. I who'd love to move far away but I can't imagine moving away from the people I love the most.. They make the living situation a little better :) P.s. I only love 50 min from Chicago! So awesome if you move there one day!!!

Becky McCoy said...

I could write a book!! We have moved 7 times in the last 4 years. It's so unsettling, especially when you don't feel like your city/state are "home".

We struggled to be content in Vegas. We've got one year left and we'll miss the awesome friends and church we've found, but we're anxious to get out of the desert. We've realized that we really appreciate water and trees!!

But God teaches us big lessons when we choose to remove ourselves from comfortable places. Hoping you can look back on this season as a time of tremendous growth!