Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Latest thrift store finds.

This past weekend I went and visited one of my best friends in Akron. We had a perfect weekend of thrift shopping, hanging out, and eating yummy foods. I don't think it gets any better than that.

We hit up some awesome local thrift stores (LTS), as well as Goodwill (GW) and Gabriel Brothers (GB). Gabes is by far one of my favorite stores, since it is basically overstock heaven. Clothes that don't sell in the stores get shipped here, which is perfect for me!

Now I didn't get a chance to take a picture of all my finds, but I took ones of most of them!

First up, are the clothes I found this past week: 
1. Pink skinny Bullhead jeans for $2 at LTS.
2. Gray skinny Bullhead jeans for $2 at LTS.
3. Caramel colored skinny JBrand jeans with zipper on bottom $7 at GB.
4. Classic wash skinny JBrand skinny jeans for $7 at GB.
5. Silver/gold color block necklace for $2 at GB.
6. Set of three earrings for 50 cents at GB.
7. Gap coral basic long sleeve shirt for $3.50 at GW.
8. Vintage cheetah blouse for $3.50 at GW.
9. (Didn't fit in picture) Plum colored cotton scoop neck dress from H&M for $2 at LTS.
10. (Didn't fit in picture) Gray basic capri length sweats from Old Navy for $2 at LTS. 

Now onto some of the home decor items:
So we have a Goodwill Oulet near our house, where you pay by the pound. This old windown turned into a chalkboard was only $2! I love that it's the green chalk color too, since our living room/kitchen has lots of green. Thinking of putting it in our kitchen as a menu board! 
Even though I'd describe my style as more eclectic with touches of modern, there is something I love about old colorful books. I love the typography on so many old books too. I found a Lord of the Flies book along with these other vintage books from GW, which is one of the hubby's favorite childhood books. I love the subtle touches they add to our bookshelf now!

I also got a set of green ceramic dishes that spell out "party" for $2.50 at GW, an old vintage metal tray for $1 at GW and some old records for 50 cents at LTS that I'm going to make into a wall of records for J's office/our spare bedroom! I think those were all my finds! Sorry I don't have pictures of everything, but I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest thrift store finds!

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Happy Tuesday!


Nicholl Vincent said...

Certain these are the best thrift finds I've ever seen!

Amanda said...

What awesome deals!! I never get such luck when I go thrifting :( love the window turned chalk board for your kitchen, what an awesome idea!! :)

Brittany said...

Great finds! I love the cheetah print shirt!