Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monogram Necklace

So I have really been wanting a monogram necklace lately, and since our one year is quickly approaching, I'm hoping to drop some hints to the hubs. I have been eyeing these three, but didn't know if any of you knew of a great Etsy shop, or other online shop that you've gone through and loved! We're trying to not spend too much this year, since we're also going to spend a night in a hotel in downtown Columbus and then go to the Greek Festival during Labor Day weekend as part of our gift to each other. It'll be so great to explore such a fun city that is so close to us, and just get away for a night. 

Okay here are the three in the running, but please feel free to let me know what you've found and loved!  

#1 found here. I was thinking the black or gray would be pretty in this acrylic. This is the classic script look, which I love.

#2 found here. Okay so clearly I am fan of the acrlyic style, and I love how contained and "modern" this one is. 

#3 found here. This is the classics style, with the classic gold look. 

I seriously love aspects about each of them.
How in the world does a person chose?! 

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